Huginn and Muninn

This is what we are.


My name is Huginn,
eyes of fire and
obsidian claws.

Muginn, my name is,
beak, of stone,
wings, an eagle’s.

I see your soul,
and I read your thoughts.
I tell you where to travel,
and help you when you’re lost.

Your mind, I steer.
Your thoughts, I make clear.
Hidden things, I find,
shiny things, of the mind.

We are Huginn and Muninn.
Coins, two sides of.
Huginn and Muninn, we are.
‘belonging to Odin’s hand.

Master-less, now we.
And now we sing in wait.
We tell stories, and
secrets, we will share.

Author: Daniel

Sometimes, the worlds forget the stories, we don't.

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